Hello! Welcome to"Caffellatte" site!
"Caffellatte" is a real Italian cafe and gelato shop that Italian master Eddi and his Japanese wife have opend at the outskirts of Saiin, Kyoto-city.


We use illy's coffee beans and BRASILIA's espresso machine to serve you the genuine Italian taste, flavorful cafe menu and alcohol.


It is Italian-bar Style, so you can come many times a day as well as the Italian guys usually do! Even though it's real Italian style, you can easily come without any hesitation.


To serve the Italian gelato with our careful work, we use the imported machine from Italy.
The various flavors of gelato with seasonal fruit change a little day by day, so you can meet new taste everyday!
I recommend you to try tasting samples to choose deeply your favorite gelato.


Also, it is near the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.
Therefore, many foreigners visit Caffellatte to enjoy the conversation with the master Eddi.
In the cafe, people talk in English, Italian, sometimes even in Spanish. Of course, Japanese is OK, too!
Diffidence and modesty is OK, but if you actively talk to the people in Caffellatte, it must be more delightful time than ordinary one!

Right after the store closed, sometimes you will find Eddi's making of gelato.



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